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AIF Commissioner/CEO John Morris is proud to announce the latest addition to the southern division of the AIF. The Central Florida Jaguars will play in 2016. The Jaguars will play their home games in the Lakeland Center, located in Lakeland Florida.
States John Morris. “The southern division is shaping up to be one of the most competitive in the indoor football world.” Morris goes on to say, “We have the natural rivalries that will enhance our league and keep the travel down, fitting perfectly into our business model.”

Lakeland Center is an 8,178-seat multi-purpose arena and theatre located in Lakeland, Florida. It opened in November 1974 as the Lakeland Civic Center, and gained its current name in June 1994. We are happy to announce a new indoor football team will be calling the Lakeland Center home. The Central Florida Jaguars will begin play in 2016 as a member of American Indoor Football.

“The Jaguars will be offering a high quality product to our community on and off the field.” Neva Green, owner of the team said, "This team will succeed because we are committed to the community. We will be owned and operated by local leaders that have proven their dedication. We are excited to play in the AIF for 2016 and beyond."

In addition to the professional team, the Jaguars will also continue support of a youth arena program that started with assistance from the Polk County Youth Football Conference. "Our motto has always been, 'It takes a community to raise our kids.' and that will be a big part of who we are as an organization." said Green.

Be sure to follow the team on Facebook at Central Florida Jaguars for more information. There are going to be many exciting opportunities for community involvement and sponsorship for this season.

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Northern Division

Buffalo Buffalo 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Maryland Maryland 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Philadelphia Philadelphia 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
York York 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
ASI ASI 0 0 0.000 0 0 0

Southern Division

Atlanta Atlanta 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Savannah Savannah 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Triangle Triangle 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Win.Salem Win.Salem 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Jags Jags 0 0 0.000 0 0 0

Mid Western Division

Chicago Chicago 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Muskegon Muskegon 0 0 0.000 0 0 0