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ATLANTA (JUNE 23rd, 2015) – American Indoor Football Commissioner John Morris today announced that Atlanta will continue to field an indoor football team in the market which will begin play in 2016. The team will be owned Barrington J Young president/co-founder, Demarcus J James vice president/ co-founder/ head coach and Janice Strong head financial advisor, team Attorney and owner of the Strong Legal Counsel. Janice has a strong business background that will add to the AIF and its model.

“We are thrilled to continue to have Atlanta in the AIF family,” Commissioner Morris said. “Atlanta is one of the largest and most diverse markets in North America and has a rich tradition in sports and culture. And with Janice joining our league, we are adding one of the most respected persons in the Atlanta area. Janice is deeply passionate about indoor football and our quest to become one of the top professional indoor football leagues in the country. We look forward to working with her and the entire organization on achieving this important goal.”

Janice Strong is the daughter of a former US Diplomat; she was raised in Central/South America and Canada. Upon graduation from Stanford University and Stanford Law School, she launched her legal career in Silicon Valley where she specialized in corporate finance, venture capital and strategic transactions for Fortune 100 companies. Janice has won several national awards for her outstanding representation of the underprivileged, including the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

An avid sports fan and believer in community outreach, Janice and her business partner formed the non-profit Project Youth in 2002; a sports-based and academic enrichment program serving at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area. In 2007, Janice relocated to Atlanta where she currently resides and practices law. She has joined the Atlanta Vultures as a co-owner and business manager.

“The Atlanta Vultures, with its outstanding roster of coaches and players, will kick off a firestorm of energy, performance and earned championships”. Stated MS. Strong, “Atlanta is a great city and we aim coach”

Demarcus James was born in Pennsylvania, PA and raised in Cedartown, GA. Upon graduation from Cedartown High School, he joined the USAir Force and served his country for 4 Years. Coach James played professionally for 3 years with the Alaska Wild of the IFL and 1 year with the Colorado Ice. A knee injury forced him to sit out until 2013 after which he was signed to the New Mexico Stars and led the team with League-In interceptions. Coach James received defensive player of the year in 2014 after signing with the San Angelo Bandits.

As head coach for the Atlanta Vultures, Coach James plans to do assemble a team with powerhouse players that will work together to get the Win at the end of the game. Coach James is also committed to lead by example and set positive role models for the youth of the community. And become a proud piece of its sports legacy.

“I am certain that the skills and knowledge acquired throughout my career, together with my coaching staff will give us the opportunity to have a championship team”. Said Coach James “I am very excited for this opportunity, such a blessing. With this opportunity I aim to develop as many players as possible to be ready for the next level as well as build a Championship team here in Atlanta”.

Barrington J. Young was born in Queens, New York where he spent his early years before moving to Columbia, SC where his love for football began. While he was a starter in a variety of positions on the Dutch Fork Silver Fox Football team, left tackle became his strong suit and he was awarded a football scholarship from Benedict College.

The consummate professional, Barrington, has been working since the age of 16 and is currently in corporate sales and marketing at AT&T. He is also an established event planner, hosting events at different venues and settings. Young’s background on and off the field has made him a great professional football player with a keen aptitude for business.

“We intend to recruit, develop and retain Champion caliber players that will bring championships to Atlanta. The Vultures will be a top-notch team for a top-notch city”. Said Barrington “Bringing fast action hard hitting football”.

Atlanta features a diverse population of young adults that are connected to the sport of football. Georgia is home to some of the most passionate sports fans in the country and no sport has grown in popularity during the last two decades as much as indoor football. Expect game days for the new team in Atlanta to be colorful and festive events, with people from all over the metropolitan area making the trip to the state capital to support the team.

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