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AIF Front Office Staff

John Morris

John MorrisJohn Morris- CEO

The AIF CEO is the former AIFA Co-Founder and Co-Owner John Morris he is a successful businessman and runs the day to day operations of the league. Some of his many responsibilities include promoting the AIF, soliciting national media, securing new league sponsors and AIF expansion teams. John owns several other businesses that specialize in advertising and marketing services to the automotive industry. John has four children and resides in the State of Maryland.


John DandreaJohn Dandrea- Director of Marketing

John who is a Columbus, OH native oversees the Marketing Department. His duties include promoting the AIF, developing relationships, and Marketing strategies with sponsors. John brings 30 + years of expertise in sporting goods, sales development, and has 16 years of coaching. 14 years of which he coached at the high school level and 2 years at the college level. “I’m very happy to join the AIF team, and I’m looking forward to conquering the challenges we have ahead of us,” Said Dandrea.

Asia McCannAsia McCann- Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Asia who was born in Philadelphia, PA but raised in Detroit, MI helps oversee the Marketing and Public Relations Departments alongside Director, John Dandrea. Her job is to also promote the AIF, develop relationships, and Marketing strategies with sponsors. She brings 5+ years of social media experience and 2 years of public relations experience. Asia is a current online student at the University of Phoenix studying for her Bachelors of Science in Communications, with a minor in Journalism. “I am excited to embark on this new journey with the AIF,” Said McCann.

Chris HeidelChristopher Heidel- Director of Communications

Christopher who is from Oceanside, NY but moved to Bel Air, MD in 1987 started his own radio station called HerbFM back in 2007 as an attempt to get high school athletes andoldies music more air time on the radio.He is no stranger to covering American Indoor Football , Covering the Baltimore Blackbirds in 2007, Baltimore Mariners 2009-10-14, VirginiaBadgers 2011, Harrisburg Stampede 2011-13. He spends most of his spare time setting up and managing events andbroadcasts for HerbFM. “I am no stranger to the AIF, and I am excited to be a part of the league on a fulltime basis,” Said Heidel.


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Northern Division

Buffalo Buffalo 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Maryland Maryland 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Philadelphia Philadelphia 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
York York 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
ASI ASI 0 0 0.000 0 0 0

Southern Division

Atlanta Atlanta 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Savannah Savannah 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Triangle Triangle 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Win.Salem Win.Salem 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Jags Jags 0 0 0.000 0 0 0

Mid Western Division

Chicago Chicago 0 0 0.000 0 0 0
Muskegon Muskegon 0 0 0.000 0 0 0